This is one Sepp too far…

An unequivocally corrupt, rodent-like looking man, swimming in bribes that he can verbally agree to send to anyone whenever he feels like it. That is Sepp Blatter.

Assuming that he can find time between hosting Jacuzzi parties for himself, endless amounts of beautiful escorts and his ever-loyal FIFA Vice-Presidents, he is assigned to the task of overseeing the world governing body of the most popular sport in the world. Recent investigations and probes into Mr Blatter suggests that not only does he look like a mole, but he acts like one too.

Reports today reveal Blatter admitting that it was already decided that the 2018 World Cup would be held in Russia before the voting had began, meaning that much of the work done by England’s bid team was a waste of time and money, taxpayer’s money! In meetings about the 2018 WC, it had been agreed that it would go to Russia as it hadn’t been hosted in Eastern Europe before. I wonder how many times Putin took him to bed.

The likes of Prince William and David Beckham must be furious reading the papers today, especially after Mr Blatter branded them and the rest of our country sore losers. Perhaps we are sore losers. But you cannot argue that our country is by far a better country than Russia to hold the World Cup. We have adoring fans who follow their clubs up and down the divisions and all over the country, our ground locations are not thousands of miles apart and in different time zones, and we have superb stadium and training facilities. I’m more concerned with what we don’t have though, which is aggressive Russian ultras hurling vile racial abuse at black players. Is this really an atmosphere that the best players in the world will want to play in. The World Cup should be a place to celebrate the best game in the world, not an excuse for racists to use it as a platform to abuse.

So congratulations, Mr Blatter. Not only have you cost the British taxpayer £21million, when we could have been told not to bother to go to vote, as Russia had already won. But you have deprived the world of one of the great World Cups, held at the home of football.

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